This is my little corner of the Internet where you can find information about me. Since it is written by me, I suppose it is authoritative, but that assumes that I am a reliable source of information about me. :)

To code or not to code...

I am a software developer. I make computers go. I make computers do things. I wield at the tip of my fingers, the ability to control enormous amounts of computational power.

My preferred programming language is Java. Although I know several programming languages, I enjoy writing code in Java. It is a powerful language without the complexity.

You spin me right round...

I am also a fitness instructor. Several days a week, I give a spinning class at one of several clubs:

It is an activity I enjoy tremendously. I find it a great way to relax after a long day at work.

Share and share alike...

When the mood moves me, I write software in my spare time. I have released some Java libraries as opensource, in the hopes that other developers will find them useful.

  • PooliT - an Object pooling library
  • XiMpLe - a Java-to-XML (de)serializer

My two cents...

Think Programming is about -- wait for it -- PROGRAMMING! It is biased towards the Java language, but is not necessarily focused on it.